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Morning Pranayama – 30 min, 5 euros, play on demand
When the mind is still calm and open, we sit down in meditation together, to go inwards, focus on the breath and start the day off aware and balanced. This session will be a mixture of pranayama exercises and meditation on different subjects.

Evening Pranayama – 30 min, 6 euros – Coming back soon
If a yoga session feels too involved at the end of a long day, take a few moments to just breathe together with me! This evening pranayama class is a way to end the day in the most positive and calm way, cultivating a little bit of peace and light before the day’s final hours close in.

Unwinding Relaxation – 30 min, 6 euros – Friday, 9pm CET
After a long day of the hustle and bustle of life, we come together to calm the mind and release any tension created in the body, as a result of our hectic everyday lives. This class focuses on gentle, restorative postures, as well as some soft pranayama to prepare the body and mind for calm and sleep.

Slow flow /Yin & Yang  – 70 min, 10 euros – Coming back soon
This full length class is a slow-paced flow class or a mixture of the hatha and vinyasa practices, designed to energize and soften the body through strengthening and stretching, but to also to quiet the mind and allow us to focus inward. This class is a nice balance between a calm building of strength and a flowing study of your own breath. Our breath is our greatest tool for this journey, leading the way between poses as we inhale and exhale.

Deep stretch – 70 min, 10 eurosComing back soon
As the name suggests, this is a full length yoga class designed to work on flexibility thru-out the body. The class will hold a few elements of vinyasa/flow style, but mostly be a hatha inspired practice. We’ll be using our breath to travel deeper into each pose, holding each of them for a longer period of time. If you are looking to extend your range of motion and work on flexibility in a safe way, this is the class for you! Individuals with knee or spinal injuries are advised to be mindful if attending this class.

Moon salutations – 90min, 10 euros – Coming back soon
The lunar cycles help us open new doors and close the old ones, letting go of what no longer serves us and welcome new light in. With the new moon and full moon, there’s always a shift in energy. This class is designed to welcome this shift and honor this beautiful being, embracing a more spiritual nature for the practice. We’ll be performing moon salutations, as well as postures fitting this particular new moon, in addition to pranayama and setting intentions for this new lunar cycle.

Private yoga lesson, customized to your needs – 30 min, 30 euros or 60 min, 55 euros
This is a 1 on 1 private yoga class, fully customized to your needs and tailored to what you would like to work on yourself. The 1 on 1 class allows us to go deeper into each pose, working on alignment in your own body, going thru any issues that you may experience in your body. An in depth, personal experience!

Yoga for companies
I also offer yoga classes for small and big businesses, where I come to your company and create a customized team building experience for your employees, thru a bit of healthy movement and deep breathing! The yoga class can be held in English, French or Norwegian. Please get in touch with me at for more information on my company classes.

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