Online Classes

Welcome to my online at-home yoga classes! All my online classes are open to yogis of all levels, as modifications and alternatives will be given thru- out the classes. This to include those who are more at a beginner level, but also those a bit further along in their practice. If you have any specific injuries that could affect your practice, please mention this in the registration form, so I can adapt the necessary parts to better fit your needs. I look forward to sharing this practice with you. See you on the mat!

1. Find your class – choose your desired day, time and yoga class, using the descriptions of the different classes under “Book a Class”
2. Register & pay – Fill out the registration form found under “Book a Class” and complete your payment for your class thru PayPal (send to
3. Confirmation by e-mail – You’ll receive a confirmation in your mailbox, containing the access information to the Zoom chat room. You might have to check your spam folder for the invitation!
4. Set up – get your space ready for our little yoga practice together. Set up a mat, a towel, any props you’d like to use (pillows, blankets, blocks, bolsters etc), and remember to bring a nice glass of water and an open heart and mind!

Sign up for each yoga class will be available up until 30 min before the start of said class (the earlier you sign up though, the better). Please make sure you have the Zoom app downloaded prior to the session. Upon completing your booking and payment, you will receive an email confirmation with the Zoom Session details and a link to a YouTube playlist that’s meant to go with your class, if applicable. The beauty of the Zoom online classes is not only can you practice in the comfort of your own home, but you’ll also have the choice to practice with or without your camera running during our class. Your microphone will also be muted, so do not worry about background noise.